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No one wants to spend time out in the yard balanced on a ladder trying to saw through a difficult limb by hand. Many power aren’t really built for the pruning or trimming job that requires an 8 foot reach. The hour’s long job that ranges across the lawn needs a mobile tool that’s easy to carry.  It’s possible to find a 40V chain saw to fit many different types of jobs.

The reason the various designs of the Greenworks 40V come in handy for large and small yard work is the long then average run time of the 40V Lithium-ion battery. With up to 160 watts of battery power no matter how difficult the task at hand the power to tackle it is available. Geared to outlast the tough problem areas that crop up in any yard without having to constantly stop to refuel or oil the chainsaw, these are machines a pro or weekend gardener can use with ease.

The 40V 4H for example has an automatic oil system allowing for longer cutting time, and a 50 ml of tank of volume for longer run time. Still, the 40V is lightweight which makes handling when reaching more comfortable. Also to increase the comfort of those using the 40V there’s an elbow rest and rubber molded handle that provides a more secure, but lighter hold.

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Greenworks Lawn Mower

GreenWorks 25292 40-Volt 4 Amp-Hour Lithium Ion 19-Inch Lawn Mower

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Weekend gardeners and those who cut lawns for a living have one thing in common. Time is never on the side of the person who wants to trim a lawn neatly. Weather conditions, lighting, and other factors never last long. Depending on the amount of yard, and the obstacles the mower will encounter equipment such as the Greenworks lawn mower can speed the job in a number of ways, while giving the lawn a smooth, and trimmed appearance without having to stop or perform several tasks independent of each other.

The Greenworks  25292 Lawn Mower is a good example of performing multiple tasks at the same time to enhance the appearance of a lawn quickly. The mower not only neatly trims the lawn, it provides mulching, collection and side discharge. It’s not necessary to perform any sort of pickup or mulching after mowing in a mid-sized area.

This mower also has an adjustable cutting height with several different positions that allows anyone mowing to have the right height for cutting, or to avoid obstacles. Made of a durable stamped steel the cutting deck of this mower is built to withstand the typical impediments found in most yards such as hidden small rocks, and fallen pieces of wood.


Greenworks Lawn Equipment

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At some point almost every homeowner looks outside the kitchen window and isn’t happy with the view. An uneven, scraggly lawn detracts from the appearance of a home, and it can also affect its resale value. Keeping a fresh, evenly mown lawn can be easy with the right mower. Having to constantly stop to fuel the mower, or empty the collection bag can slow the process of turning a yard into a sculpted landscape. Hitting rocks or tree roots can actually be dangerous. These are the thoughts that the designers of the Greenworks Lawn Mower apparently considered. This is a mower that allows anyone using it to have a perfect lawn quickly, and safely. The same is true with a number of other products from this company can make quick work of many outdoor jobs.

Along with mowers the company also makes many other tools that offer those working on their own home lawn, or those who work professionally out of doors to have a simpler task. Whether starting out for the first time in keeping a yard, or having years of experience this line has the innovative tools needed for the job.

Greenworks Mowers

Noise is a problem that can affect the times and use of a lawnmower, as can having to constantly fuel the mower. A combustible engine will need oil, and a supply of fuel to keep running effectively. There’s nothing as annoying as having to stop in the middle of mowing to check the fuel level, or because it needs more oil.

An alternative is the electric motor, but here there’s a need to use a cord. Mowers requiring a cord work well in small areas, but even long cords become problematic, and many past owners report the common accident of running over the cord with the mower. Early battery powered mowers had the issue of using up the battery long before finishing a typical sized yard.

The Greenworks Mowers solution to both reducing noise, and a better use of energy in their efficient 40V G-Max Lithium-Ion Lawn Tool Series mower. This is a good practical method of reducing noise while mowing, and also having a clean, long running machine through the rechargeable battery. These mowers are cordless, and with a longer lasting battery than most such mowers make it possible to complete a mid-sized yard quickly, and have more time to relax while enjoying a well-trimmed lawn.

Greenworks 25022 Lawn Mower

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Greenworks Chainsaw

When looking for a chainsaw most people are hoping to find a device that’s easy to handle, can last through the length of the job without having to stop to repair or refuel, and one that has the power to cut through any type of wood quickly.  The difference between the GreenWorks 40V and other similar devices is this is a device which offers very easy handling with enough power to make it through most tough jobs.

While this chainsaw line doesn’t offer the same type of power found in 50cc machines that use combustible fuel, they do offer a cleaner, easier to handle cutting tool. Using Li-Ion or Lithium batteries these chainsaw machines are typically lighter, and ruggedly built to take on tough jobs.

A cleaner running motor can make the job easier as there are no fumes, less noise, and no greasy smoke to deal with while cutting through logs, trees, or processed woods. Unlike many other clean running saws the battery operated chainsaw is not only cordless, but the two batteries options offer a fade-free run for hours of use.

Trimming and pruning around the yard is simple with the lightweight and mobile, quieter tools found among many of this chainsaw line. For the tougher jobs look for this chainsaw with tool-free chain tensioning and auto-oiling system.

GreenWorks G-MAX 40V 16-inch DigiPro Brushless Chainsaw

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Greenworks Pole Saw

Hard to reach spots can put those needing to trim, prune, or cut in high out of the way places either precariously perched on a ladder or leaning out of window. The Greenworks Pole Saw gives the is a better method of reaching these trouble areas with less risk, and greater control of the saw no matter the angle necessary to get a good trim or to take off just as much tree limb as necessary when pruning.  No more balancing while trying with a heavier saw spewing fumes, and less fear of losing control and dropping the saw or falling.

Along with a cleaner running motor and energy through a long lasting battery, the ergonomic design of the pole saw allows anyone at any skill level a better grip and easier handling of the saw making getting tough spots, and performing delicate trims a simpler job.

GreenWorks G-MAX Cordless Polesaw

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GreenWorks Tools Review


Before you read this article, just answer the question, “Do I own GreenWorks Garden tool?” If the answer is no, this is definitely for you. Though I had used electric powered hedge trimmers for at least 7 years for now, I wanted something portable, handy, cordless, no noise, pollution free device for my lawn. Hoping to experience premium performance without using gasoline, I approached many shops that sell garden equipment. What most of them had were just disappointments for me. It was then when I watched GreenWorks Tools performing on the television. It was exactly what I wanted. I stayed tuned to the television to know more about its features. Surprisingly it turned out to be an environment friendly, cordless and battery operated garden tool. That’s it! I placed an order for it immediately! It might seem to be a hasty decision for some of you but let me explain it to you.

About GreenWorks Tools

GreenWorks Tools are battery powered gardening tools that are designed to offer heavy duty results without causing negative impact on the environment. They are graded as zero Carbon footprint garden equipment, a label offered only to environment friendly devices.

How does GreenWorks Garden Tools Contribute to the Environmental Protection?

Various gases present in the nature keep the earth warm and protected. Methane, nitrous oxide, ozone and carbon dioxide are a few of the Greenhouse gases. While limited quantities of these gases keep the Earth warm, more of these gases increase the temperature. Factors such as industries, vehicle pollution, mining, machineries and more are the culprits of Global Warming. While many of the gas operated yard tools emit carbon, GreenWorks offer gas comparable performance and efficient results without using gas to power their lawn equipment.

GreenWorks Lawn Tools As Seen on TV

As seen on the television, GreenWorks tools offers a range of garden tools that work on battery to provide power packed results without impacting the environment. The tool uses rechargeable Energy Star approved Lithium Ion batteries. While most of the conventional garden tools require long cords, tiring gas refills and regular leakage repairs, this one is simply easy to use and easy to maintain. The batteries offer a long run time and enhanced power as compared to the traditional garden tools.

Specifications of GreenWorks Tools

GreenWorks Tools offers a wide range of environment friendly tools ranging from hedge trimmers to chain saws and lawn mowers. The 19”, 3 in 1 lawn mower offers a power-packed, perfect mowing for about 60 minutes uninterruptedly. The 40 V rechargeable and reusable lithium ion batteries extend the performance of the device to a longer duration. The completely foldable and movable feature of the equipment makes it one of the best portable lawn devices. Whether it is a tall or short grass, you may adjust the height to cut the grass off. With 8” rear wheels and 7” front wheels GreenWorks tools is a perfect lawn tool for any homemaker. Besides the equipment includes 40V string trimmer that provides 40% increased run time as compared to the other equipment. The adjustable spinning head makes it easy to move. The speed-variation and accidental start up lock- off switch is the prime step taken by the manufacturer to ensure ultimate safety.

What People Think About GreenWorks Tools?

The advertisement shown on the television about the unbelievable advantages of GreenWorks draws the attention of everyone whether it is a home maker, retailer or a shop owner. When you buy the product you are given to understand that you are offered a package that solves all the issues related to the lawn maintenance. Though there are two sides of all the claims, most of the customers who tried the battery run lawn tool were either satisfied or over satisfied. Believe me; you are not taking chances when you choose the light- weighted power efficient, affordable, long-lasting and dependable set of GreenWorks Tools as the whole thing is a great utility in itself. Not just me, but there are many satisfied customers out there expressing their gratitude to the battery operated garden device.

“Perfect for a Town home”

 Mary, Harrsonburg, VA, US

“Very useful tool for small clean-up projects”

– CMHBuckye, Columbus, Ohio, US

“The perfect tool for environment- friendly people”

– Tim Brandley, Atlantis

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Good and Bad 

With all the best in place for the users, GreenWorks is certainly the best in the line of battery operated portable garden tools. The powerful little garden unit will cut through anything from blades of grass to small shrubs. Long battery life, swivelling head for better edging, 4 year manufacturer warranty for the motor and components and of course a good customer support, all make the product a must own item for every user. A couple of setbacks now – There is no auto-feed option for the line and swivelling head does not lock in place. The device lets out a burning smell if anything is caught around the spool. Every time a strand of grass or twigs gets caught, you need to stop and remove it before proceeding. However if the user is wise enough to use the device as instructed, it is a bang for the buck.

Where to Buy GreenWorks Tools?

Major online sites like Amazon offer a wide range of environment- friendly garden tools manufactured by GreenWorks. The best part of the offer is the FREE Shipping The 19” 40V 3-in 1 lawn mower includes 2 rechargeable batteries of 40V each and a star rated battery charger. Along with the product you will be eligible for a free bonus that includes 40V blower and String trimmer (you have to pay the P&H fee for the free gifts). Also visit the official site to know more about their products and get the correct picture of the product. Also to avoid getting duped, you may visit any of their dealers or distribution centres to purchase their products.

Final Verdict

Considering the real cost incurred in buying a blower, battery, charger and accessories, the complete package of GreenWorks tools seem to be a good bargain. Benefits of GreenWorks are

  • Cordless
  • Battery powered
  • Portable
  • Easy to handle and operate
  • No gasoline required
  • Environment- friendly
  • Cost- effective

A neat and trimmed lawn enhances the looks and the value of your home. Using an efficient tool to manage the lawn not just saves time but also money and efforts. Choosing GreenWorks Tools over smoky and smelly devices would be the wisest decision one could make to keep the home, nation and the planet clean.

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Greenworks Tools Review

Greenworks Tools Official Site

Greenworks Tools Official Site

Greenworks tools is one of the most anticipated products of both gardeners and homeowners nowadays because it comes with the best features that will pave the way for you to experience a high level of satisfaction. With the help of this lithium-ion cordless lawn mower, you will be able to experience its premium performance without gas expense, maintenance and fumes. This only means that your dull and inconvenient lawn mowing days are already over.

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This product has several top of the line features in store for the user. They are as follows:

  • 40 voltage power lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable
  • 60-minute run-time duration
  • 19 inches cutting path
  • Rear wheels that measure 8 inches and front wheels that measure 7 inches
  • Rear bagging capable
  • Mulching capable
  • Side discharge chute
  • Single lever height adjustment that can cut grass from 1 and a half inches to 3 and a half inches
  • Easy fold system that is designed for compact transportation or storage
  • Charger and 2 40 voltage batteries

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With all these features, you will be given assurance that your lawn mowing will never be the same than ever before. Another great thing about this mower is that it is very easy to use because all you need to do is to push some button in order to keep it functioning. There is no need to tire yourself in pulling some rope in order to use it.When it comes to performance, you won’t have any trouble because it is stable and powerful. This is the reason why customers and previous users highly commend this product. Majority of them agree that it helps them to perform the lawn mowing job without trouble.

Another plus factor of this product is its durability. It is composed of high quality parts and materials to ensure that it will be able to stand the test of time. Every part of the Greenworks tools lawn mower is designed and engineered to meet the satisfaction of customers around the world.

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When it comes to maintenance, you also don’t have anything to worry about because it can be easily stored in any part of your home. Just make sure that you clean the bag after it gets filled with the grass the has been trimmed in your lawn.

Customers also love the affordability of this Greenworks Tools lawn mower even though it comes with top of the line features. In fact, they consider this as the prime advantage of the product. No wonder, it is the perfect choice of most customers nowadays because it offers them the best of both worlds.

What are you waiting for? Feel free to purchase the Greenworks tools lawn mower that can make your garden cleaner and more beautiful now! You will surely not regret it because it will provide you a high level of satisfaction and convenience due to its top of the line features and durability. Most importantly, it does not harm the environment, thus making it a very ideal investment.

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Greenworks Tools Official Site

Greenworks Tools Official Site

Green Works Tools

Introducing Green Works Tools!

Powerful, Efficient Yard Tools with Zero Carbon Footprint !


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